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Please look through these answers to Frequently Asked Questions before you contact us:

Please read through these questions and answers before you send us an email. We often receive the same question many times and it will save us a lot of time and get you your answer right away. Also, many questions can be answered by reviewing the rules and information section on the website. Please feel free to contact us if you still have a question.
Are there tournament specific rules?
Tournament specific rules can be found HERE
How do I redeem the complimentary Red Stars Ticket for June 23 ?

Follow the link for flyer HERE. Redeem your ticket at the checkout using the code: PUMASHOWCASE Questions can be submitted to Nicole Herkert at 872-829-3817 or

We are planning our flights home. What time will the finals be played?
Please plan on scheduling flights for 7:00pm or later. Due to the limited fields and the expected number of teams, finals should be completed in most age groups by 6:30pm or earlier. We will do our best to accommodate those flights containing International teams first.
What field complex will we be playing at?
All games are played at Stuart Sports Complex in Montgomery, IL.
I am having trouble with my login, can you help?
As much as we would like to, is the best to help with technical issues regarding their site. Their toll free support number: (888) 258-5220
What if we cannot make the mandatory team check in on Friday or Saturday?
All teams are required to appear at credentials check in BEFORE their first game on Friday (Local teams) or Saturday(Out of Area teams).

Our team submitted all of our registration paperwork online.  Does a team rep (coach or team manager) still need to come to check in?

Yes, check in is required for all teams, regardless of whether or not you submitted your paperwork online.  We need to check your team's player cards at the registration tent and confirm that you have arrived to the tournament.

Can we add players to our roster at check-in?
No. There isn’t any condition that exist where we will allow this to happen. Your roster must be set by the deadline (June 2, 2019) and only those players will be allowed to play.
What happens if our score that is posted is incorrect?
We make every attempt to insure the accuracy of scores. It is very important that each team official verifies and signs off on the Referee’s Scorecard at the end of the game. That is the only proof we have to verify scores. If you think your score is wrong, please let a tournament official know so that we can verify with the Scorecard.
Do you accept all Out of State teams that apply?
No. However, we will try to accept as many as possible so as to create the most diverse and competitive tournament experience for ALL of our players. For your best chance of being accepted, as an Out of State team, apply early and make sure your payment arrangements are set. You will not be charged until you are accepted. 
I know we are guaranteed a number of matches, but on what days will they be played?
All teams are guaranteed 3 games.  If you are traveling from out of town, you will most likely play 2 games on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. If you should happen to play additional games, they will be on Sunday. Local teams may play on Friday night and have 1 or 2 games on Saturday, depending on the size of their groups. If you are coming from Out of State and would like a game on Friday night, please email or add specific requests to your application.
We want to play in the highest division possible and don’t want to play teams we usually see in our league play?
The tournament director makes every attempt to flight teams appropriately based on league standings, GotSoccer and other available statistics when applicable.  If you have any specific requests, please add those to your GotSoccer application or email us directly, as soon as possible.
We have two teams that are coached by one coach. Can you guarantee that there will not be a conflict?
If one coach has two teams, please let us know as soon as possible. DO NOT wait until the schedules have been posted. We will make attempts to schedule around conflicts, but nothing is guaranteed. Because of the complexity of the schedule, it is not possible to arrange schedules to fit parents who have two children playing on different teams or coaches with MORE than two teams.
When is the registration deadline?
The registration deadline is May 15, 2019. Team applications are reviewed every other day and notification of acceptance will follow shortly after registering. However, based on availability and appropriate placement, teams may still be accepted after the deadline as needed.  Registration Fees are non-refundable once a team has been accepted in the tournament.
What is the goalkeeper clinic ? 

Depending on the game, the level of action a goalie receives may fluctuate. The Goalkeeper Clinic is an extra opportunity for goalkeepers to practice their skills. Administered by the experienced coaches at Big Cat Goalkeeping, goalkeepers are run through a series of drills and exercises intended to mirror game-like settings.


Goalkeepers Rostered on a Participating Team:  The clinic is free for goalkeepers that are rostered on a team participating in the tournament.  Check-In required 15 minutes before the session you choose to attened at the MAIN TENT.


Goalkeepers NOT Rostered on a Participating Team:  There will be a $25 fee to participate in the clinic for goalkeepers that are not rostered on a team participating in the tournament. 

Mail payment, Medical Release Form  to: 


Kickers Soccer Club (Puma GK Clinic)

75 Executive Drive 

Suite 119

Aurora, IL  60504.