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Q: My child is not challenged by Park District, AYSO or YMCA Soccer anymore. Does that mean she/he is ready for travel soccer?
A: Probably. Kickers SC families entering our program, enter for similar reasons. Most of our players come from excelling in recreational soccer at the younger ages.

Q: Kickers Soccer Club seems expensive. How is it different from Recreational Soccer?
A: Our teams play in competitive travel soccer leagues in spring, fall and winter. Teams practice twice a week with a professional soccer coach and a professional coach attends every game. Teams participate in tournaments during spring and fall. All of our coaches carry high licenses and have years of experience, all coaches are approved by the board of directors. Kickers SC employs a director of coaching to both recruit coaches and develop the curriculum for our players. We provide soccer opportunities throughout the year. Additional optional training is also included.

Q: What is included with this?
A professional trainer will take every session and game. The Kickers SC offers a complete year-round soccer experience including:
-spring training and league play
-summer team camp
-fall training and league play
-winter indoor training
-winter indoor league play
-multiple tournaments throughout the year
-optional extras including; foot skills, finishing, set pieces, goalkeeping, SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) sessions
-professional feedback throughout the year and an end of year evaluation
Q: What is the Commitment Deposit?
The commitment deposit is $300 and is due at the time of registration to secure your player's position with the team.  The commitment deposit is non-refundable.

Q: What are the ages for participation in Kickers SC?
A: We offer teams from U8 players (2nd grade) to U23 the opportunity to participate in Kickers SC soccer. For players under 7 years the Kickers SC has programs to participate in, please see the programs section on this website.

Q: Is team placement ability based?
A: Yes, for U8 and above for the best developmental improvement of each player and team.

Q: Is this a Fox Valley Park District program?
A: No, but we are an affiliated program. Being an affiliated program gives us access to fields in the Fox Valley area. The Kickers SC also runs additional programs for the Fox Valley Park District, including Fox Valley Special Recreation Soccer and Kickers Recreational Soccer. Kickers SC is proud to have an excellent working relationship with one of the best Park District's in the state of Illinois.

Q: How far do we really have to travel for games?
A: Most games are against teams in the local surroundings. However, based on ability level and seeding by the leagues there may be an occasional game against a team requiring an hour or more drive. At the younger ages, this rarely occurs. The Chicago suburbs have a large soccer community which provides equal ability levels throughout the suburbs.

Q: When are games played?
A: Kickers SC plans ahead with scheduling of games however the leagues set the schedules with games mainly on Saturday afternoons or Sunday's. There maybe weeknight games from time to time. The Kickers SC is fortunate enough to be able to use the Fox Valley Park Districts showpiece location – Stuart Sports Complex for all home games.
Please note: We have no control over the times available for games at opponent’s fields.

Q: Do you provide any kind of feedback on my child’s performances?
A: Yes, the head coach will evaluate all the players/team throughout the season, each player will receive a written evaluation at the end of the fall season. Head coaches are always available for feedback.

Q: Is that all of the cost?
A. Some teams will elect to attend extra tournaments, which will carry additional cost associated with coaching and tournament entry fees – these costs are always discussed in advance of participation. Additional Tournament play is a team decision.
Uniforms are an additional expense. We aim to use the same uniform for 2 years. The uniform cost approximately $150.  Uniforms come from PUMA and are ordered via  PUMA provides each family a heavy discount on the uniform.

Q: Do you provide financial assistance?
A: Financial assistance and payment plans are available. However, we do not grant 100% scholarships. Scholarships are given by the Board of Directors to player's on a case by case basis. Scholarship players are expected to volunteer at club events.

Q: My child has decided not to play. Can we have a refund of our fees?
A: Kickers SC fees are non-refundable. Exceptions are limited to medical reasons confirmed by a physician.

Q: My child and I would like to get Kickers SC apparel, is that possible?
A: Yes, update coming.

Q: I don't live in Aurora or Naperville but would like to play for Kickers SC. Is that OK?
A: Yes. The Kickers SC is a community-based program. We do not promote our club outside of the Fox Valley area, but welcome children from other cities on to our teams.

Q: We would like our son/daughter to be placed with a friend to help with transportation issues. Is that possible?
A: Teams are formed by ability level and consequently we cannot honor requests.

Q: When will our team practice?
A: Teams begin practicing in mid-August (after team camp) depending on the start of the season. The practice dates and times will be set by the Director of Soccer, we take into account the players age and home locations when creating the team's schedules.

*The Kickers SC preseason team camps are typically the first and second weeks of August.

Q: My child has a conflict with the practice date/time. What can be done about that?
A: Conflicts are generally not a difficult problem in scheduling. Kickers SC does offer alternate training sessions in the form of clinics during the week. These sessions are skill/technique building practices within an age group. These additional sessions can be an alternative to practice. The Kickers SC offers an open training schedule – where it is possible to make up a session with a team of similar age and or ability, we ask that you confirm attendance with the coach before attending. The team training session should be the priority.
Our expectation is that a family will arrange their activity schedule to include their soccer practice.

Q: We see SAQ on the training schedule, what is that?
A: SAQ is speed, agility, and quickness – training sessions are built around improving the fast twitch muscle fibers, strength, balance and running technique.

Q: What is Training Player Program?
A: The Training Player Program is an intermediate level soccer program. All players get one hour of training a week from the coaching staff as a compliment to playing recreational soccer. Kickers SC has built a curriculum especially for players looking to improve before joining a travel team.

The program develops players who would like to join a travel team in the future and is a good way for parents/families to get an insight into travel soccer.

Q: What should my son/daughter wear/bring to tryouts?
A: Shin guards, appropriate soccer footwear, a properly inflated soccer ball, a full water bottle, a positive high-energy attitude and a smile are all required for tryouts.

Q: How are teams formed?
A: Teams are placed based on ability to give each player the best chance to develop and fill their potential. The coaching staff discusses each player and the best fit team wise for their development and enjoyment.

Q: Can players make a high-level team if they are coming from outside of Kickers SC?
A: Yes, every player is given a fair opportunity.

Q: My son/daughter has a conflict with the tryout schedule, what should we do?
A: The tryout period occurs during a busy period for everyone. If your child has a conflict that is more important than soccer tryouts, please contact the Director of Soccer as appropriate for scheduling and a chance to try out at an alternative time. The Kickers SC will attempt to place your child in a training session as an alternative to tryouts and evaluate from there.

Contact: Nick Kudyba c: 219-670-1005 e:

Q: What is required of me as a parent?
A: Your main task is to sit back, enjoy and support your child playing a sport they enjoy as a spectator. Besides the financial commitment, there is also getting your child to and from practices and games on time and providing a pressure-free atmosphere for their development.

Q: My child plays multiple sports. I am sure there will be conflicts. What do we do?
A: We encourage other sports participation if the players are enjoying other sports (several skills are sport transferable). We ask that you inform your coach of conflicts and treat the sports equally. There is a chance to make up training time as mentioned above.
Preferences for starting games are usually awarded to players who attend all practices and sometimes used to reward players for exceptional effort exerted during practices.

Q: How many teams do Kickers SC field? How big are teams?
A: The number of teams fielded is dependent upon the number of appropriate players that attend tryouts as well as the number of players that register. The number of players on a team varies by age group. The leagues set maximum roster sizes, the Kickers SC aim to roster teams with the chance for all players to play and develop in a positive environment. It is rare that Kickers SC fills a roster to the league maximum.

Q: When will I know if my child has made a team?
A: The Coaching staff will offer places on teams to the players at tryouts otherwise the results of tryouts will be sent to you by the coaching staff. If you do not hear for any reason you are welcomed to call the Director of Soccer. A mandatory registration takes place after the tryout results are announced.

Q: If I have a complaint or issue, what should I do?
A: The first step is to talk to your child’s coach directly in person. If it cannot be resolved the next step is to contact the Director of Soccer who will, if necessary, engage our Club President and or the Club Board Members.

Q: What is indoor soccer?
A: Indoor soccer is playing soccer indoor, this happens throughout the winter months. Our teams play in several local facilities and train at several local facilities.  

Q: I am not sure that I am ready as a parent for travel soccer. What does it take from me?
A: Getting your child where they need to be on time and supporting them positively.

Q: What is the procedure for player release?
A player must be in good standing with the club per league rules before a release is an option. For more information contact the Director of Admin.

Q: My child wear’s eyeglasses. What is acceptable during games?
A: Sport type glasses are acceptable. With fashion being so important, many sports glasses look like regular glasses. We highly recommend sticking a data sheet from the glasses manufacturer in your child’s bag in the event that a question on their suitability for sports is raised.

Q: I have registration sheets to mail in, where do I send them?
A: The Kickers Soccer Club mailing address is:
Kickers Soccer Club
75 Executive Dr - Suite 119
Aurora, IL 60504
Please note any checks should be made payable to Kickers Soccer Club.

Q: I have a question that is not addressed here, what should I do?
A: Contact 
Nick Kudyba c: 219-670-1005 e: