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What the pros say about Kickers Soccer Club…


“My sister has played for the Kickers Soccer Club for years and I have had a firsthand look watching a few games, meeting coaches and administrators for the club.  They are top notch and have the players' best interest in mind at all times.  I fully support the Kickers in their great work developing not only good soccer players but also shaping the whole lives of these kids.  Everyone should be a Kicker!”
Ethan Finlay, Columbus Crew (MLS), Minnesota United and US Men's National Team


"Kickers Soccer Club is a soccer club that places the development of each individual player at the heart of its soccer program. The curriculum takes a developmental approach which establishes a clear pathway for players to improve, achieve and enjoy. Whilst the acquisition of the players' soccer techniques, tactics and understanding is paramount to the Kickers philosophy, a Kickers soccer player is also expected to 'give back'. In this sense the Kickers soccer program develops both players and people so that they can succeed on and off the pitch. If all youth soccer organisations shared the values and expertise of the Kickers Soccer Club then the sport would flourish at a much quicker rate."
Gareth Long--Senior Lecturer in Coach and Physical Education at the University College Plymouth, St Mark and St John, Plymouth, UK; former Head Men’s Soccer Coach at the University College Plymouth; English Football Association Education Tutor.

"Kickers SC focuses on doing the right things at the right time and in the right way to let the player progress on a relevant player pathway that will give all participants the best chance to reach their potential at any level. With forward thinking coaches and structures in place it will benefit all players with more touches on the ball and make it enjoyable for everyone."
Scott Russell - Former First Team Coach for Plymouth Argyle (English team) and current scout for Hanover 96 (German team) and Standard Liege (Belgian team).