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Juggling club - Presented by Montessori Children's Garden




Why do coaches promote juggling?
Juggling is a way for players to become comfortable and creative with the soccer ball which transitions into game play in the following areas:

  • First touch, receiving the ball from different heights, speeds and angles
  • Dribbling, becoming proficient with multiple surfaces at speed
  • Running with the ball, making timed touches on the run
  • Balance, adjusting and creating a balanced stance
  • Self-confidence, excelling at juggling creates confidence with the ball 

How to start:
Grab a soccer ball and see how many times you can keep it in the air using your feet, thighs, chest and shoulders.
Scoring Table:

Score Stage Level
0-10 Beginner AFC Wimbledon
11-25 Learning stage Millwall
26-50 Intermediate Fulham
51-99 Advanced Arsenal
100-499 Pro Barcelona
500+ You have mastered juggling Brazil
Club recognition:
As players progress with juggling they will earn a bag tag to display proudly on their soccer bag. Tags for 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 juggles are available, when will you get them all?